The Churches of the Tarrant Valley by Brian Ash

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The Tarrant valley in Dorset England is one of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of rural Dorset. It runs for some twelve kilometres and begins just north of Tarrant Gunville at Stubhampton, about six kilometres northeast of Blandford Forum. There is evidence to suggest that in Roman times it rose about 5 km above its present source.

These little medieval churches are privy to at least ten amazing secrets.
1. Medieval wall painting 650 years old.
2. Three nuns volunteer to be entombed for life.
3. What is and Easter Sepulcher?
4. A beautiful copy of one of the world's most important artwork hidden in the corner of a Tarrant Church.
5. A window built to allow lepers view church services.
6. A young girl murdered for her Christian faith at 15 years old
7. The Archbishop who built Salisbury Cathedral is buried in the valley.
8. A queen is buried in one of the Tarrant Churches.
9. The legend of the "Three live and three dead man".
10. Medieval hi-fi "Accoustic Pots.